New Mental Health News Radio Network Podcast 'My Wakeup Call' Features Best Selling Author, Psychiatrist and Former FBI Profiler Dr. Mark Goulston Interviewing Heavy Hitters in the Business and Entertaiment Worlds

Mental Health News Radio Network is delighted to announce that Dr. Mark Goulston’s podcast "My Wakeup Call" has joined its roster of shows, covering all aspects of mental health.

Psychiatrist, consultant, best-selling author and former FBI hostage negotiator Dr. Goulston brings his listening and communication skills to in-depth conversations with exceptional guests who share stories about how their lives changed after personal wake-up calls.

"My Wakeup Call" is an extension of Dr. Goulston’s one-on-one work with business leaders and CEOs. His mission is to help these influential individuals hone their powers to make the world a better place. The podcast allows him to build personal relationships with his guests, who often leave their conversations feeling both inspired and inspiring.

Dr. Goulston said, “After working one-on-one with clients and patients on their psychological issues, I wanted to work with influencers to become more influential. That way, we can affect the lives of many more. What attracts business leaders and CEOs to me is that they are aware that they are more convincing – with data, analytics, metrics, facts – than they are compelling. And they are also aware that they need to be more compelling to open people’s minds so that they can follow that with being convincing.”

Podcasting, in addition to its convenience, attracted Dr. Goulston for its potential to open dialogues with the listening audience, as well as with guests.

"My Wakeup Call" is based on the concept that a wake-up call is a chance to change the course of your life and future. In "Episode One" – which has the highest number of downloads to date – Dr. Goulston shares his own wake-up call and how it impacted him.

He said, “I’m not religious in an organized religion way, but I believe the Dean of Students from my medical school that I speak about, was an actual angel sent into my life to save it by seeing worth, value and a future for me that I didn’t.”

"My Wakeup Call" airs weekly. Recent guests include Larry King, Norman Lear, Howard Behar and Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell Soup. Others are Lord Mayor Lisa Scafiddi, from Perth, Australia, crusading lawyer and transgender activist Ellie Krug and serial entrepreneur Jay Reid, who is on a crusade to end teen suicide by 2030 after the suicide of his 14-year-old son, Ryan, last year.

"My Wakeup Call" is available on Mental Health News Radio Network, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

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