New Mental Health News Radio Network 'Memoirs of Madness' Podcast Bridges the Gap Between Clinical Expertise and Lived Experience to Share Real Stories of Overcoming Mental Illness and Abuse

'Memoirs of Madness'

Psychotherapist, life coach and equine therapist Melanie Vann combines clinical expertise, her own and others' struggles with mental health and abuse to inspire and empower listeners.

Mental Health News Radio Network now features "Memoirs of Madness," a podcast hosted by psychotherapist, life coach and equine therapist Melanie Vann. In addition to her clinical credentials, Vann is the network’s program and advocacy director. She also regularly co-hosts the popular Empowered Empaths segment on Mental Health News Radio.

"Memoirs of Madness" aims to honor lived experiences, including Vann’s own, of those who persist despite mental illness and abuse. It also explores traditional psychotherapy and other forms of healing. The show features real people sharing their stories of overcoming obstacles to find hope and healing

Vann said, “I love that I can have the perspective as the clinician but also the client … there really aren't many topics I haven’t experienced myself which allows me to have a different more personal connection to MHNR Network than many may think. I’ve always known I would not just practice traditional psychotherapy, but explore other more experiential avenues as well. While you will often hear me say 'I read this article about ...,' you will also hear very intimate details of my own struggles with mental health and abuse.”

To date, three episodes of "Memoirs of Madness" have aired featuring Vann in conversation with a guest. Future episodes will air bi-weekly and are available via Spreaker, Stitcher, iTunes and Binge TV Networks.

"Memoirs of Madness" continues Mental Health New Radio Network’s mission to use advocacy, education and dialogue to combat stigma against mental health using an accessible, and free, format.

“Podcasting on such a powerful network like MHNR Network really makes you feel like you are part of a family that is all joined in the same cause of helping others,” said Vann.

Complementing her work on "Memoirs of Madness," on Oct. 17, 2018, Vann will launch Your Wise Therapist (, an online platform for abuse recovery.

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