Mental Health News Radio Network Podcast Puppy Water Radio Uses Pop Culture to Bring Mental Health Awareness to a Wider Community

Drawing on her background as a videographer and transcriber for the Bronx African American History Project (BAAHP), Puppy Water Radio podcast host and Los Angeles-based behavioral therapist and social worker Princess Okieme uses hip hop and other forms of popular culture to spread her compassionate perspective on mental health and mental illness through her podcast Puppy Water Radio, now airing on Mental Health News Radio Network.

Aiming straight for the heart of a general public ill-informed about the realities of mental illness, Puppy Water Radio reroutes popular movies, TV and videos into teaching tools; the podcast features fun yet intimate, mainly in-person, discussions with actors, athletes, mental health professionals, producers and other entertainment world personalities. Podcast episodes center on guests sharing their personal mental health struggles. Part art therapy session and part social analysis, each episode examines how social factors such as legislation and public accommodation intersect with and affect those suffering from mental, behavioral and neurological disorders. The emphasis is on a cool, relatable format that tackles serious issues.

Okieme said, “I have observed in pop culture and society as a whole that people are aimlessly and unknowingly suffering from mental illness, like I once did, and that those within pop culture – especially the youth – find it taboo to talk about mental health. This applies, too, to the Millennial demographic, which according to the U.S. Census represents more than one-quarter of the nation’s population. If this demographic of people find it strange to talk about mental illness, then that means there are a large number of people suffering.”

In addition to Puppy Water Radio – the name comes from a comment the show’s host heard one boy shouting at another in the Bronx neighborhood where she grew up – Princess Okieme is the founder of Puppy Water Entertainment, which opened its doors in 2017. Coming soon for Puppy Water are its first fundraiser party at The Barkada Restaurant in Hollywood on April 20, a TV series on autism and a mental health arts festival on Aug. 31 (currently both in pre-development). Also in the works are a non-profit called The Puppy Water Entertainment Foundation, which will provide a mental health clinic, research opportunities and grants to filmmakers interested in mental health-related content.

Puppy Water Radio airs weekly on Mental Health News Radio Network. It will soon be available on KQBH 101.5 FM Community Radio.

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